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  • About Xebe Gift Company

         Xebe Global Inc. is a company which produces custom products and offers gifts ideas for customers in Taiwan. We have extremely lots of experiences on 2D and 3D modeling products. Starts from USB flash drive business in 2002, we gradually expand our scope of supplying company gifts these years. Besides custom USB, we also produce kinds of items you can think of below.


         ●  Mobile accessories: Phone cleaner, dust plug, phone strap, phone holder, micro USB cable, mobile charger holder, phone ring stand.

         ●  Stationary gifts: Sticky notes, pen holder, place card holder, paperclip, cable winder, card holder.

         ●  Home item gift: Electronic ticket, card holder, luggage tag, cup cover, coaster, coat hook, fridge magnets, key covers, ice cube trays,                                          oven gloves, passport holder, ticket holder.

         ●  Travel item gift: Eco packing organizers.


         We mainly customize products that according to our customer's need. Apart from that, we also have our own Design and Develop team concentrate on Xebe-branded products. With mass component purchasing, product cost management, outstanding designing ability and systemized production flow control, we are able to provide our customers with good quality, price and lead time.



         Our main market embraces Asia, Europe, U.S.A., and many other countries. With the rapid growth of gifts need, we are currently concentrating on developing different merchandise based on each company’s need. Furthermore, we corporate with trading company to promote products. Consumers can browse our products through nearly 35 on-line shops like Yahoo mall, Pchome, GoHappy, 17LIFE…and other well-known websites. Not only are we dedicated to producing awesome products, we also making an effort on items exposure rate to assistant our customers increase their sales.


    Research & Development

         Xebe is devote to producing both useful and creative items which not only can catch consumers’ eyes but emphasize every company’s generosity. Products made by Xebe are all considered friendly use. In the future, we look forward to cooperating with more and more companies and branded products.


    OEM & ODM

         Xebe provides our products for most OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and supports large distributor channels with their own brand build-up services. We offer a range of PVC/silicon products and services that satisfy current and next-generation product demands. Based on customer needs, our products are built-to-order, which minimizes the risk of stagnant inventory for Xebe and its customers.

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